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Welcome to Procter's Sausages

Everyone loves sausages - you can buy them from just about anywhere that has a chill cabinet. The problem is the quality varies from inspirational, artisan-made products using the finest slow-grown pork, to the deviously bad, electric pink specimens using the worst and most watery, factory-farmed pork. Sausages range from the seriously sublime to the frankly disgraceful.

Truly great sausages are made from slow grown pigs, reared outdoors with space and freedom to display their natural behaviours. Fed a natural cereal based diet, there is time to develop a flavour and succulence that intensive indoor-farmed pork just cannot match.

Just sourcing correctly grown pigs, from right here on our doorstep in Suffolk, is only the beginning though. We use fatty cuts such as the shoulder and neck and mince the meat coarsely, ensuring a banger with fantastic texture and succulence. Add to this the right amount of rusk (bread with no yeast) to absorb the delicious cooking juices, encase the whole in a natural hog runner for a tender bite and you're getting close to the perfect sausage - a Procter's sausage.